“I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” King Solomon, 970 to 931 BC.


This quote has stuck with me for more than 11 years, since the death of my girlfriend in my first year of Law School. I asked myself, why me? why did this terrible event happen to my relationship? I could not handle all the emotions so I decided that I will finish my LLB and never love again. I dedicated my life to work. I got an amazing job as the youngest project manger in an international organisation in South Africa.


The universe had another plan for my life. In 2015 on a sustainable projects excursion in Tanzania I visited my very first coffee farm. I was able to observe the whole process of farming coffee, in a natural biological way from start to finish. I feel in love with this plant — this commodity. I believe that through this process if I could get the supply chain right, this commodity would be able to fund my development projects without having to depend on government or financial contributions. Due to the success of my work. I was head hunted by another international organisation and appointed as the Country Director of another humanitarian project.


A few months before my appointment as Country Director. I was lecturing and holding seminars for my former NGO. There was a lady in my lecture that seemed very interested in the work that I would soon be resigning from. I thought this would be a great opportunity to find my own replacement. It turned out that very soon that  we became interested in each other. I left the job, and took the girl. I placed a ring around her finger in a church with more than 300 witnesses. And this amazing lady became my wife and the mother of my children.


‎"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose."

Paul the Apostle, 5 - 64/67 AD

‎These words touched my heart in December 2006.Despite this encouragement that at some point everything will work for the best, I first had to go through many valleys and pains that ultimately brought me to this place where I now stand. ‎

‎After many years of loneliness, the search for confirmation, recognition and the question of where‎‎ to go, I was able to develop a trust that in seeking, finding, trusting and believing there is a strength that shows the way to recognize one's own potential.

‎My heart beats for justice, for encouragement and for good coffee and conversations that broaden our perspective. My life between cultures has changed me and encouraged me to go down paths that are not conventional. Paths that challenge, but that also see and unfold potential. Married to a man who could not have been more different, I am allowed to live this unconventional SPECIAL life. A man whom I truly see as a gift from heaven and an answer to my tears. ‎

‎With our children, who mix the colours of our lives, unity and differences are linked. I feel gifted to live a unique life and to recognize the beauty in the difference. Because this uniqueness is exactly what makes you and me! How grateful I am that my life is turned out differently to how I had imagined. 

Atelier Tembo


Understanding Tiwo and Dani is important in order to understand Atelier Tembo’s vision and mission.



We envision connecting the world with German and Africa's diverse countries and people groups through the trade of art, culture and coffee.



To achieve our vision of connecting clients with African coffee. Atelier Tembo aims to be the largest importer of smaller holder African speciality coffee beans. Atelier Tembo will develop partnerships with reliable logistic experts. Build strong long lasting relationships with the small holder farms by investing in communities, building schools and libraries in their villages. To achieving the vision of connecting people to art and culture. Atelier Tembo invest in local artisans. We organise cultural events and give artists the opportunity to display their work in the art café and sell their works to willing buyers.


We had been operational for more than 7 years, the SARS Covid 19 virus has had a large negative impact on our trade. We had to shutdown for a year and a half and suspended business operations between Germany, Malawi and South Africa. On the 17th of July we moved the primary business to Rostock, Germany and have opened a new Art Cafe in the KTV.


To support or partner with us please feel free to send us an email.